Experience the expertise of Mountchem.

Mountant is a leading supplier and importer of chemical products. It prioritizes its customers by providing high-end, quality-conscious products sourced from respectable suppliers and manufacturers at competitive costs.

With our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, we boast an extensive product line comprising specialties and commodities. This diversity makes us a major stockist and supplier of Industrial Chemicals, Mining Chemicals, Paint Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals, Personal Care and Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Perfume Fragrances, Mining Equipment, Safety wear, Packaging, and Paper Products. We are confident that we can meet all your chemical needs.

At Mountant, we don’t just sell products. We commit to understanding our customers’ unique requirements. This dedication allows us to offer tailored chemical solutions backed by our technical competence and sound products. We aim to establish and preserve long-lasting partnerships based on mutual understanding and trust.


A rapidly growing supplier of industrial chemicals,
personal care, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, dyes, and paper products, the Mountant Group is ready to serve

Industrial Chemicals

We provide a range of sectors with industrial chemicals.

Mining Chemicals

Mountant Group is now without a doubt the market leader in mining chemical supply

Personal Care Products

We offer a wide range of top-quality chemicals for personal pharmaceutical…

Dye & Colour

We offer you the right shade and right type of colour for your products.

Paint Products

We offer various chemicals that can be used in the coatings and decorative

Perfume & Fragrance

Mountant Group can offer you the right fragrances or perfumes for your products.