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Our Mission
We exist to create and maintain a company business model that provides our customers with consistently high-quality products and exceptional services by understanding and meeting, or exceeding, the quality needs and expectations of our customers.

We are a customer focused group specializing in distribution of high quality mining and industrial chemicals in Africa.

We are committed to creating superior shareholder value through:

Providing high quality products and services
Becoming the undisputed market leader in supply of chemicals in Africa through timely delivery of Quality products in a manner that surpasses our competitors.
Recognizing our social responsibility
Delivering value by anticipating customers' needs and exceeding customer's expectations
Striving for mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers
Continuously building an organization of high-efficient, high-effective, high-performing people, who would be proud of their association with the Mountant Chemical Group

In order to achieve our mission all employees are aligned to common goals, behaviours and ethics. The way we do business is guided by key values that was developed by our people. These values are as follows:

Total Quality
We will do the right things, right the first time, all the time through teamwork and innovation

Customer Centric
We will exceed customer requirements and expectations

We will conduct ourselves with integrity, diligence, fairness, transparency and behave ethically

Mutual Respect
We recognise and respect the diversity of our employees and their right to safety, fair treatment and compensation

We will conduct our business in a sustainable manner

Goal Centric
Our goal we be to create and maintain some exceptional services by understanding and meeting, or exceeding, the quality needs and expectations of our customers.

Company Objectives
To supply quality chemical raw materials that meet customer satisfaction
To maintain a business model whose primary goal is to exceed customers' expectations
To timeously solve quality problems for customers and potential customers efficiently
To increase operational performance by increasing the number of clients served by 10% per annum
To make a stronger and more diverse business that is sustainable, profitable and being sustained by its own cash flow
To implement international standards of quality control and certification
To design a more efficient marketing strategy that does away with the inefficient and traditional distribution systems

Ethical Conduct
Social and Environmental Responsibility

Services Provided
Safety Awareness
Technical Application
Knowledge Sharing
Customer Interactions

Why Choose Mountant Chemicals?
We have what is needed to be an efficient partner.
These are the valid reasons for choosing Mountant Chemicals as a business partner:

Efficient Purchasing System
As an alternative your in-house purchasing, specialist sourcing teams within Mountant can secure and manage the supply of strategic chemicals, intermediates and key starting materials in bulk using selected manufacturing partners and reputable distributorsacross the world.
Mountant has gathered data on nearly 1000 products from more than 500 World manufacturers and distributers, and now has a complete, unique and constantly updated purchasing network.

Extensive Experience In Local and International Marketing Sales
Mountant sales team are extensively trained and are remarkably knowledgeable. Our sales personnel understand cultures and backgrounds of the different customers and countries we supply to. Having been in chemicals trading for a nearly 10 years, they are experienced in marketing, forecasting, and problem-solving skills. Their mindset and business methodology are global in scope.

Quality Control
Mountant independently ensure that products supplies meets the quality testing of all purchased products. Therefore, the customers' requirements are met and guaranteed as per the specification supplied.

Effective and efficient logistics system maintain
We work with reputable Logistics Services providers who will ensure to provides customers with first class experience service to ensure all goods are delivered in a timely and safe manner.

Customer satisfaction oriented
We aim to increase customer lifetime value by reducing negative word of mouth and improve relationship with old and new customers.

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